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Table Tots(TM)
By Spin Light Studio



Sorting, counting, spelling — even basic math — we’ve put it all on the table in the creation of our latest Tot education app. And now, we’re handing the table to you, giving you the power to create your own custom lessons with the full catalog of sights and sounds from the popular Tot education series.

TableTots Highlights:
Apple Staff Favorite, Education New and Noteworthy and Apple Fun Learning App.

"I truly am in awe of this app and it's versatility. There's no doubt that TableTots is going to be an invaluable educational resource. It's an app that makes me wish every teacher had access to an iPad. The things Kindergarten teachers could do with this resource!" - The iPhone Mom

"Absolutely perfect for development and learning ... Table Tots could become a preschool teachers best friend, and it is without a doubt a must have for any parent with a young child." - iApps For Teachers

"This is the most versatile app I have seen and demoed for the classroom HANDS-DOWN! Teachers can actually USE this for TEACHING! ... This is a perfect teaching tool! ... Fantastic! Just fantastic." - Recess Technology Educational Consulting

Teach quantities with colorful base-10 counting blocks. Create simple math equations for them to solve. Or see their eyes light up when they build their very own words and hear the sound of every letter. The possibilities are literally endless in this powerful teaching tool that combines the two things kids love the most — playing on the iPad and spending time with you.

Warning: While it’s made for little learners, TableTots requires a grown-up to build and teach each lesson. For great learning games they can explore on their own, try AlphaTots and TallyTots. TableTots is a one-on-one tool.

App Features:
• 12 unique table layouts built for sorting, counting, matching and more.

• 6 colorful theme combinations.

• 11 “Quick” scenes that instantly set the table to teach:
- Basic math
- Counting from one to twenty
- Building three-letter words
- Building four-letter words
- Matching upper- and lower case letters
- Shape recognition
- Primary and secondary colors
- Coin counting
- Base-10 counting
- Domino math
- And noun matchup with an object for every letter

• All the tools to create your own lessons, including:
- Individual numbers from 0 to 100.
- All 26 letters in both lower and upper case.
- 26 common "things" to represent letters from A to Z.
- A decimal point and all of the operators they need to add, subtract, multiply, divide and understand concepts such as less than and more than.
-Dollar and cent symbols for teaching financial lessons.
- 16 common shapes, each available in your choice of 8 colors.
- Basic American coins from the penny to the quarter
- All 28 dominoes for counting practice
- Base-10 blocks representing 1, 10, 100 and 1000

• Over 20 Speed Sets that allow you to quickly place multiple letters, numbers and objects on the table.

• Nearly 200 unique sounds, including every letter (by name and sound), all the numbers from 0 to 100, and an object for every letter in the alphabet.

• Many fun extra features, including a randomized Quick Rewards animation to encourage young learners and a peek-a-boo curtain that makes playtime fun while keeping active learners focused.

Our Child-Safety Pledge.
At Spinlight Studio, we’re committed to child-safety and providing parents with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions. To learn more about our privacy policy, follow the link above, or visit for a detailed list of the safety features included in every Spinlight app.

TableTots includes:
* No third-party ads
* No social network links
* No easy web access
* No in-app purchases

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