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Dots for Tots
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Play disguised as learning? Learning disguised as play? Either way, Dots 4 Tots will be the most fun teaching aid, your kids have played.
Ideal for children 2-6, Dots 4 Tots teaches your children Animals, Shapes, Letters and Numbers, all while improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Vibrant colors, encouraging sound effects and voice prompts not only teach basic concepts and patterns, but builds children’s self-confidence as well.
Select a category and then using the app’s helpful prompts, children simply trace their finger from point to point to complete the pattern. Connect the dots and…surprise…the image transforms into a colorful picture that is sure to delight and encourage further play.
Dots 4 Tots also includes 3 optional add-on modules (Cars, Dinosaurs and Girls), which can add hours of learning fun.

-Learn Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Animals
-Build coordination
-Optional Add-on Modules
-Vibrant colors
-Kid-friendly music; encouraging sound effects
-Easy-to-use controls

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