MSS/LSS Recommended iPad Apps

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eSpark helps you

• Find and purchase the best apps for your student’s unique learning needs - our experienced school teachers have vetted thousands of educational apps so you don’t have to

• Provide your student with a personalized “mission” complete with instructions and challenging assignments in the best third party education apps available to help them achieve their academic goal

After a short setup process, your student can dive into the best educational games, instructional videos, and audiobooks that have been selected just for them based on their individual learning needs.

eSpark is used in dozens of innovative school districts across the country as a core part of their curriculum and instructional day. Six studies now show eSpark accelerates learning growth at 2-5 times the typical learning pace.

With eSpark

• Students (on average) grow 1.4 grade levels in their goal domain in just 8 weeks

• Parents get peace of mind knowing their iPad downtime is actually helping their kids

• Teachers differentiate instruction easily

eSpark is currently free for a limited time.

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