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ABA Sight Words

By is proud to offer our Dolch Sight Words app for children ages 3 – 8. Used by educators and speech language pathologists worldwide, our apps are an indispensable part of any speech or language program.

What are sight words? Sight words are the 300 most common and frequently used words used in our everyday reading and writing. 50% of all written material is made up of 100 of these words.  These words do not follow typical spelling rules and are phonetically irregular. Therefore teachers want children to read these as whole words so they can be read automatically at first sight. Recognizing these sight words immediately allows a young reader to then focus on decoding the more challenging words as well as understand the text.

For emergent readers, knowing these sight words instills tremendous confidence when learning to read. Once children have learned and memorized these basic sight words, they are able to read more fluently and with greater comprehension. 

Our app is arranged by level of advancing difficulty: Preprimer (Preschool), Primer (Kindergarten), First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. There are 220 sight words that include pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and verbs. Generally speaking, they are service words; they give meaning and direction to the text. In addition, we have included a separate list of the 95 most common nouns as well as a fun sample sentences for each word written almost exclusively using sight words and nouns from the Dolch list.

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