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iTooch Math Grade 5 Lite
By eduPad



✭✭✭✭✭ iTooch Math Grade 5 is one of the TOP TEN 'Tried and True Apps' selected by ✭✭✭✭✭

iTooch MATH Grade 5 LITE is the free evaluation version of the full iTooch MATH Grade 5 app. 15 free chapters are included in the LITE version, so that you can fully trial the app before buying it.

iTooch 5th GRADE MATH is, by far, the largest collection of the App Store of educational activities based on US national standards.

iTooch was developed by passionate teachers, educational professionals, and video-game designers, many of whom are parents as well. The collaboration of these specialists has resulted in a wonderful learning tool that motivates children to learn.

WARNING : Don’t be alarmed if your children ask, 'Can I work on my iTooch lessons again?'

The FULL VERSION of the app contains :
- 60 chapters with lessons, examples, and figures
- More than 4,500 questions, with clues, detailed explanations and images, which makes it BY FAR THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIVE TOOL IN THE APP STORE fro 5th graders.

Children can follow the recommended progression or they can select the chapters of their choice. There are two modes for answering questions: practice and graded. The clear, concise lessons are accessible at any point.

Parents can monitor their children’s progress by taking a quick glance of the home screen. This feature allows you to celebrate their success and to encourage them to work on areas needing improvement. Show your child that learning can be fun!

Special features:

- unique APPLE GAME CENTER integration, with more than 20 achievements to unlock, and the long-awaited leaderboard that enables players to brag about their progress and to compete with their friends and the user community. eduPad is the first educational app to integrate Apple Game Center.

- Badges and belts are awarded upon reaching certain levels, thus enhancing the game dynamics and gaming experience by providing extra gratification to players.

- Social functions: players can invite friends to join them on the Apple Game Center just by firing off an email telling them about the iTooch app.

- A calculator, so there’s no need to switch to another app when calculations are needed for an exercise.

- A blackboard that enables players to make drafts and figures, so that there’s no need for a pen and paper. Any exercise can be done with the tools provided by the app.

- Lots of fun iTooch character animations.

iTooch apps are published by eduPad (

eduPad is the fastest and easiest way for teachers and editors to publish educational apps at no cost and without having to write a line of code.

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